3D work

Carved, thrown, hammered, sewn, stamped, burnt
a sampling of 3D work

Mineral Extraction; Found Antique Stretcher, Oil Paint

Mourning Wreath; found fabric, found frame, cassette tape, human hair, thread

Squash Puppet; Felt, foam, paper, paint, thread

Mockingbird; Porcelain,oil paint, beeswax, nails, epoxy, basswood, gold enamel

Stitching; Mild Steel, Prairie Grass

Sea Pig Incense Burner; porcelain with celadon glaze

Hisago Incense Burner; Porcelain, new yellow salt, Sams Celadon, silk ribbon

Cake Carousel; porcelain, Sams Celadon, epoxy, gold enamel

Bedrock Napkin Holders; raku clay, Foreground: snow over butter flashing slip, background: Tenmoku over blue flashing slip

Entre Dos Suspiros: Found Fabrics, thread, wood

Big Bock, 9 in diameter: Acrylic, enamel, hammered and fluted antique pie tin

Mockingbird egg; Porcelain, oil paint, beeswax, 3.5"x6"x1"

Basswood hand carved compass knot, walnut ink stain.