Visualization of things seen, remembered, or imagined by the artist

Pavlova; watercolor 11"x8.5"

Grinnin' and a Pluckin' ; watercolor and ink, 24"x28"

4 Little Doggies; ink and watercolor 8.5"x11"

Hulk; watercolor, 8.5"x11"

Yaller Dogs; ink and watercolor, 8.5x11

Treponima pallidum;
Oil on linen

The Two Fridas; ink and watercolor, 14"x18"

Variola; Oil on linen

Sacred Eels; ink and brush, 7.5"x4"

Christina the Astonishing; ink and brush colored digitally, 14"x18"

Venus DeVito; watercolor, 14"x18"

Hoarderz; Ink drawing with watercolor, 14"x18"

Pieta; ink and wash, 14"x18"

Mumblin' Biscuit Jefferson; Ink and digital, 11.5"x17"

Junkers Blues; ink and brush colored digitally, 14"x18"

Razor Ball; ink and brush colored digitally, 14"x18"

Prometheus; pen and ink, 16"x24"

Grizzly Girl; ink and brush, digital, 11" x 17"

John Henry Split my Heart; Gold Leaf and Egg Tempera on Parchment, 12" x 14"